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Zombie Island
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Overview of Zombie Island Game Online:
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Welcome to Zombie Island! Now with more than 210,000 monthly active "zombie" users playing the game, is time for yourself to experience the living and working life a zombie. Well, not all zombies are as evil as you imagine, the design of the zombies are pretty hilarious and cute in the game, so just have fun picking up your golden shovels and dig out some treasure for yourself in Zombie Island!

Zombie Island is a free online facebook with the zombie theme that allows player to build and manage the city of Zombies. For a short tutorial, player would need to recruit Zombie stoneminer to help them clear the stone area and bring the rock to you for building construction. However as all the zombie fans know, zombies need brains to work! So player would need to bury their friends to get their brain, or spend some money renting a couples of fresh brains.

Next, like all the typical farm management game such as Farmville, player would need to plow land, sow seeds, grow the plants, wait for a short period of time, and eventually harvest them when they are matured. From the market, player would have the opportunity to purchase a variety of items including Seeds, Decorations, Buildings, Zombies, Fertiliser, Expansions, Clothes, and others.

Some example of the seeds include Clover, Blueberry, Necropumpkin, Poppy, Hypno Flower, Rye, Eggplant, Corn, Sundew, Bamboo, Currant, Sunflower, Pea, Chili Pepper, Boneberry, Lily, Cactus, Garlic, Purple Roses, Death Cap, Onion, Tomatoes, Eyeball Pea, Pumpkin, Deadly NightShade, and Sleepgrass.

In Zombie Island, player can upgrade their village by purchasing more high value building such as Crypt, Lighthouse, Pyramid, Enchanted Rabbit, Mill, Zombie Box, Christmas Tree, Castle, Tower, University, Diamond Eye and more. Don't forget to decorate your Zombie island with Bench, Vase, Oak, Spruce, Gate, Scareclaus and other flowers and plants.

In Zombie Island player can also refers to the recipe available to cook some exotic dishes such as Hypnopoppy (combination of hypnosunflower and poppy); Necroclover (combination of Necropumpkin and clover); Berry Pretzel (combination of Blueberry and Rye); Gold dust (combination of Rye and Corn) and more itmes!

Start playing and inviting your friends to join Zombie Island and have fun developing your Zombie Village!

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