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Overview of WeTopia Game Online:
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Welcome to We Topia! A friendly world where you can spread your love to all the children around the world by sharing your love and care, including the disaster area such as Haity, SzeChuan and more. Remember: Sharing is caring!

In WeTopia, player would have the opportunity to create a better world for children and make the dreams come true. By building and growing your community , player are contributing significantly taking care of the children in WeTopia, and making a great impact and difference to the real children living in the Real World. Play for good purpose, play for charity, and play for the welfare of the next generation in WeTopia!

Player can send their joy to the world by start purchasing a virtual house and develop their city in Wetopia. The gameplay shares similarity with other popular city development and management game like CityVille, CastleVille, FarmVille, SimCity, which player would need to construct more infrastructure, bring in more residents by making city well decorated with more items.

By completing quests, player can grow the Wetopia and do good in the real world. The bigger your WeTopia becomes, the more joy and fun you are able to share with the real world. Player can purchase many items in the market including Bungalow, Cottage, Brazilian Casa, British Folk House, British Manor, Italian Tenuta, Spanish Castillo, French Maison and more.

Start customizing your personalize city in Wetopia now for free on Facebook! Remember: Share your love to make the earth a better world to live!

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