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Wargame 1942 Review
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Wargame 1942
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Overview of Wargame 1942 Game Online:
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Welcome to Wargame 1942! Wargame 1942 is a free online browser-based strategy game where you would be engaged in the World War 2 and fight for the mankind. In this new released version, player would have the option to choose between two ultimate factions: Axis and Allied, which are in the constant struggle for power and new power domination. Get ready to be the legendary hero to solve the conflict and bring peace to the land. Glory and victory would be yours in Wargame 1942!

To start playing Wargame 1942, player would need to accumulate more resources including crops and mineral to product more foods and weapons. The more resources you have, the faster you would be able to recruit army, build various infrastructure, upgrade your technology for advanced weapons, and expand your influence of empire. In addition, player can trade and exchange resource with other players as well.

Seek alliance in Wargame 1942 would greatly help you in the war zone.Expand your network with all online player around the world in Wargame 1942 and fight against the odd to win. Choose your troops special ability and leverage on their strength to crush your enemy, ranging from infantry, tanks, air craft and more.

Play Wargame 1942 now for free online!

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