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Overview of Utopia Game Online:
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You have discovered Utopia - A world of intrigue, strategy and warfare.
Take your seat at your kingdom’s table, and become the ruler you were born to be!

Running since 1998, Utopia is one of the oldest running online games in the world. It is a text-based massively multiplayer strategy game, in which you manage kingdoms, command armies, and engage in politics with your brethren. Utopia is a rich and detailed, crafted and honed over more than 50 great ages.

You and your allies form a kingdom and must work closely together to earn victory. Every 3 months, a new Age begins, and the victors of the last age go down in history.

In Utopia you will rule your province, grow your economy and build your forces. With allies, you will fight to make your kingdom strong, elect your king or queen, or perhaps even be honored with the mantle of power yourself.
Then, with the other lords of your kingdom you will go to war, trusted allies against fearless enemies, forging in the turmoil of the world a place in the halls of history.

Utopia has a committed community of thousands of dedicated players, many of whom have been playing for more than 10 years and have formed life-long friendships. Thanks to years of their hard work, there are a wealth of supporting sites and tools to help you get the most out of the game. Visit our community wiki or forums to find out more.

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