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Overview of UberStrike Game Online:
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Now UberStrike is available for free on facebook for all their shooting fans! Uberstrike is a free online facebook first player shooting game developed by Cmune, which allows players to enjoy awesome shooting experience of the game.

To start playing the game, player would need to customize their character in terms of Skin Tone, Nick Name, Head and hair color, Upper Body Armor, and Lower Body Armor. By clicking the "Start Playing " button, players would be able to select and join one of the list of servers located around the world by region. Be sure to choose your closest server for the best play experience without performance and time lagging.

In UberStrike, the available gameplay modes are : Death Match, and Team Death Match, which is distinguished by numbers of player and map. For Death Match, your mission is to simple eliminate every other opponent in the game; while in Team Death Match you would need to have team work and eliminate the opposing team.

The GamePlay of Uberstrike is movement control of WASD keys plus aiming using your mouse. Clicking the left mouse button implies fires, and player can scroll through 1 to 5 to access different weapons. Try to stay alive as long as possible in the game while gaining points eliminating your enemy. Equipped your character with armor and health pack, and balancing your offensive and defensive tactics will ensure you to win the game.

In UberStrike, remember to check out their store to purchase more items and weapons using credits and license available. Players can also get items and weapon using their coins, however the quality would not be as superior as the license-typed weapons.

Is time for you to unleash your shooting skill in UberStrike ! Have fun shooting and test your limit of surviving time in the Game now!

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