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Overview of Tyrant Game Online:
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War Metal: Tyrant is a Collecting Card Game (CCG) with the theme featuring War Metal game developed by Kongregate and the timeline is set based in the future beyond 2050.

The objective of the game is to reduce your opposing commander health to zero to win the battle. Starting from the game, each of the quest or mission will present the players 3 cards after shuffling their deck of random 10 cards. Player would be able to choose their cards with alternate turn basis. The game ends when one of the commander's health is reduced to zero or the turn counter reaches 50. In order to win the game, player would need to strategize their card play with the strength and advantage over their opponent's hand, and to do a calculated trade off while needed.

Before start playing the game, players would have the options to select between 2 commanders, and player can start to place their card on the field. In every turn, the timer will decrease by one, and when it reaches zero, the card can attack. Player would be gaining experience point and rewarded with additional cards to be added to their deck. As the player progress in the game, they will keep unlocking more powerful and more variety of cards.

In the store, player can also purchase more card packs to supplement and add on to their current deck to maximize their chances for winning. New mission, new achievement, reputation, card packs will all be unlocked when player got level up progression in the game.

Start playing this challenging Card Game with your friend now in War Metal: Tyrant to conquer your enemy!

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