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Overview of Triviador Game Online:
Average Rating: (18 votes)
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Welcome to Triviador! The first multiplayer strategy-trivia game on facebook developed by THX Games PLC, which can be played by three players simultaneously. Player can opt to play the game with AI as well.

Triviador is a free online facebook game with strong strategic element set on the world map divided into 15 territories. The objective of the game it to conquer as much territories and accumulate most point to be the winner. Depending on the question difficulty, player would win more score and territory by correctly answer more challenging questions.

There are three basic phases of the game: Base Selection, Territory grab, and Battle. Each player would started off by drawing lot for their base territory, and most of those territory is indicated as 3 towered castle on the map. Next, player would need to compete with each other for the remaining territories by answering questions within the limited time of 10 seconds. The answer to the questions is always a positive whole number, and the winner is determined by those who provide the closest answer. If both of the players answer the same, then the winner will be chosen based on first come first serve basis.

In the battle stage, player can start conquering territories from other players within four rounds with the attack order randomly determined. During the first three rounds, player would only be able to attack their surrounding territories . Start challenging your friend in Triviador and become the quiz champion!

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