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Trivia Adventure
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Overview of Trivia Adventure Game Online:
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Welcome to Trivia Adventure! This game would put your knowledge into challenge for you to answer various trivia question in order to win! What you need to win this game is your knowledge. By answering each question correctly you would be able to perform critical hits to your enemy, gain additional level up, purchase new armors and weapons, acquire new pets, and more!

In Trivia Adventure you would be role playing your selected character, answering questions, defeating monster to collect various item. You can choose your own general appearance and combat class, and fulfill various objective and battles listed in the game.

Player would have the options to draw one of the three cards to further determine their next destination in the game. There are four possible answer for you to choose for in Trivia Adventure. Picking the right one would enable your character to attack the enemy. If you pick the wrong answer, you would allow your enemy to inflict damage on you. There are not much difference whether you answer the question fast or slow.

Trivia Adventure is a fun game catered to matured audience combining both the exciting aspects of RPG and Trivia. Check out Trivia Adventure Trailer, Trivia Adventure Cheats and Hacks !

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