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Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy Review
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Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy
(9 votes)
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Overview of Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy Game Online:
Average Rating: (9 votes)
(5stars: 8 votes)
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With currently more than 2 million monthly active user playing Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy, is time for you to join as a allied Commander to fight the war to unite the world empire by Total Domination.

Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy is a free online facebook game with a simple mission: create your own empire and crush your enemy with total domination. Player will be rewarded with Crystals for successful completion of every mission. To start the game, player would need to construct the vault to collect credits and taxes and find recruits. The number of troops a player can maintain is greatly dependent on how much credit you have.

Player can construct a variety of building such as Vault (maximum build up to 6), Titanium Mine (to collect raw materials, maximum 5 units), Uranium Mine (to secure a steady supply of energy, maximum 4 units), Bank (to store credit, maximum 3 units), Warehouse (to store uranium and titanium, maximum 3 units), Breeder Reactor (enrich Uranium production), Ore Refinery (increase production by 25%), Financial Corporation (allow player to invest the credits to collect more).

Some of the Command center that can be build include Research Center, Trade Gateway, Embassy, Artifact Facility, Research Lab, Industrial Syndicate, Radar, Trade Center, Transport Center. Player can also build military unit such as Command Center, Parade Ground, Barracks, Cyberlab, Armory, Airfield, Military Factory, Military Arsenal, S.C.A.R Training Complex, Battalion Headquarters, Artillery Factory, Artillery Center, Admiralty. Players can build some improvements Alexandra The Great, The unknown soldier, Captain Mark Severe, PD 13 Cockroach, PD-8 Atlas, Juggernaut, Mutagen Barrel, Russian Flag and more.

Start building your mighty empire, form power army, and defeat your enemy. Survive yourself in nuclear Wastelands for your Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy !

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