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TOP ELEVEN Football Manager Review
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TOP ELEVEN Football Manager
(20 votes)
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Overview of TOP ELEVEN Football Manager Game Online:
Average Rating: (20 votes)
(5stars: 17 votes)
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Top Eleven Football Manager is a multiplayer football game deveopled for Facebook and other social networking sites. Top Eleven was inspired by the concepts and gameplay from the renowned international football games Eidos' Football Manager and Electronic Arts' Premier Manager which involved millions of passionate footballs fans.

Players would start this game with selection of his nationality and language, customizing his own club, choosing the favorites of various designed jerseys and creating his unique logo. Then, player can participate in by joinning one of the leagues which involves 14 teams. Teams would be getting one league match everyday and one season lasts for 28 days. Out of the match points would be accumulated for the winner. The best 4 teams would be qualified for the Champions league held next season. For this ways players would have the opportunity to play with others of the same level.

Strategies and tactics are required to determine your victory of the match where you take the full control of your team, enforcing them by giving training them, changing the players according to the match environment and weather, trading them via transfer market. Besides, you can also manage the building of your club in terms of facilities and infrastructure such as stadium, reflector, grass, medical, seats and training facilities. Of course, larger size of stadium can accommodate more visitors and fans which would raise the moral and spirits for players.

Club finances are important element in your management where players can sign sponsorship agreements every season. With this, you can trade your players on the market, selling tickets for domestic games and selling boards aroun the field. Everyday you would gain 1 Token Gratis which can be used to accelerate your building speed, bid on auctions or change your club identity.

Enjoy and have fun in this revolutionary facebook football manager game!

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