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The Sims Social Review
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The Sims Social
(12 votes)
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Overview of The Sims Social Game Online:
Average Rating: (12 votes)
(5stars: 10 votes)
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The Sims is one of the most famous game by EA Sports where you can have your own virtual family created yourself. With the increasing Facebook popularity, now you can finally play The Sims Social on Facebook without any download or installation needed.

The Sims Social is similar to The Sims you played. In The Sims Social, you will start off by creating your own Sim using your Facebook account. You can customize your sim to look exactly like you, with your usual outfits, or you can create a cool or beautiful side of you which you dream of becoming in real life!

The interactions and communications in Facebook will be even expanded because of The Sims Social! You can add your Facebook friends as your neighbors, visit them, talk and socialize with them, be an acquaintance, a best friend, or an enemy with your friends. You can even have chance to get into a serious relationship by becoming a couple together with your love one!

Besides from the great interactions between you and your friends in The Sims Social, you can also build your dream house in this fabulous game. Build your own room, buy furniture and television, decorate your house, cook in your neat and nicely designed kitchen, build your own outdoor swimming pool, barbecue pit and many more. You'll definitely not disappointed with The Sims Social and find your enjoyable time while playing your Sim and socializing with other Sims and friends!

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