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Tetris Friends
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Overview of Tetris Friends Game Online:
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Remember the Tetris game that you played when you were still child? Now there is a game Tetris Friend in the Facebook! Rejoiced! You need not to go around shopping for game boys and small game device. Now you are able to play it online with your friends!

In the Tetris Friend game, you need to complete 15 levels to win the game and proceed to the next one. There are Tetris Block Star, Tetris Ultra, Tetris Marathos, Tetris Sprint and Tetris Sprint 5P. Each one offers different gameplay. In the higher level, the pace is faster and the tetris drops much faster and you need to be ready.

In some modes, there are already some existing Tetris on the stacks. Some of the stages have tricky stackup and you need to clear them before they overwhelm you.

Try this Facebook version of Tetris Friend game to explore more fun in it.

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