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Terra Bellica
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Overview of Terra Bellica Game Online:
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Terra Bellica is a free browser based tactical strategy MMO setting in the fantasy medieval world of ancient civilization. You would involve in the military real time war fighting off against enemies and other players using your clever tactics and skills with the ultimate aim to set up your own empire ruling the world.

There are varied background scenes of landscape in Terra Bellica allowing you to enjoy the intricate graphic design artwork of oceans, continents, swamps, and forest. You have to use the advantages of strategy of terrain to claim your victory smartly during your war. As in other real-time strategy games, castles would be your basis and foundation of economic power which allows you to collect your resources, create artifacts and spells, as well as recruting and training your troops and heroes.

There are more than 50 types of units available in Terra Bellica, each with different characterisitcs in terms of types of troops, military equipment, command control and managament, transport and ships at your disposal. This means that you would notice an extraordinary range of numerous strategic possiblities during the battle war adding the interesting feature to this game.

Another special feature introduced in Terra Bellica is that your victory and dominance is not solely based on the battlefield as powerful political strategy component would definitely change your fate of the clans by influencing public opinion, using diplomacy and political intrigue.

As each units would consume 'stroke' points for every move including moving, attacking or casting spells according to the types, you have to wait for 24 hours to wait your points regenerated before the next move. Hence, you can at least spend your accumulate points once a day. Though Terra Bellica is freshly released, there would be more and more features and updates to be introduced!

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