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Techno Kitten Adventure Review
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Techno Kitten Adventure
(13 votes)
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Overview of Techno Kitten Adventure Game Online:
Average Rating: (13 votes)
(5stars: 12 votes)
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Techno Kitten Adventure is an MMO Facebook game. From first glance, don’t mistake that boring look of the cat. It is actually a cat with lots of ambitious hopes and dreams. In the game, you are going to help the cat go through all the fantastical worlds of dance music. If you are fanatical about the rock music and dance, this game is definitely your game.

Techno Kitten Adventure has been updated several times since its release. Now it is packed with new levels, playable kittens and techno songs. Through more game plays, you can unlock more achievements and compete with your friends.

The music and dances are categorized into many themes. Each one has its interesting portion and it will experience different funs from it.

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