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SuperPoke! Pets Review
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SuperPoke! Pets
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Overview of SuperPoke! Pets Game Online:
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With currently more than 70 thousand monthly active users joining the community of the cutest virtual pets on facebook, is time for you now to also adopt a pet to have a taste of the fun in SuperPoke! Pets!

SuperPoke! Pets is a free online facebook real time simulation social game where player can choose to adopt their cutest favorite pet, go shopping, decorate your house, play games and have playdates with friends! Players are also able to send and receive gifts, messages and compliments to other pet owners. The SuperPoke! Pets World is full of wonderful surprises for you to explore now!

In Superpoke Pets (SPP) players are given 12 different animals in which they can select one to adopt and take care of an adorable virtual world. You gain SP points and coins by taking care of your pet's daily physical and emotional needs, decorating his environment, and socializing with friends. Player will gain level up through the game by earning SPP points and you purchase items for your pet using one of 2 types of virtual currency. There is a SPP store which lets you purchase items to clothe your pet, decorate his habitat and even purchase gifts for your friends.

There are 2 types of virtual currency in the game namely the coins and gold bars. To purchase additional coins player can use major Credit card or Paypal account or you can earn free virtual income by completing offers and surveys which reward you for your time.

The major objective of the game is to keep your pet happy and to level up. The way to level up is to interact with your pet so make sure you log in at least once or more per day to keep your pet happy and do Neighbor visits, except friend requests, and send and receive free gifts. If you ignore these tasks you will lose a lot of free income including the daily lottery which you forfeit the money to if you skip a day of visiting. Quests are a great way to make money and increase your SPP points to level up.

Just simply click on the Quest Icon near the upper right corner of the game screen and try to do several each day. Start playing SuperPoke! Pets now!

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