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Super Crayon
(8 votes)
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Overview of Super Crayon Game Online:
Average Rating: (8 votes)
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Super Crayon is an MMO Facebook game. The objective of the game is to clear the levels discovering the secret picture. You can move the crayon with the arrow keys. Beware of the monsters around! You cannot touch them or the game is over. Besides, you can collect bonuses too! For example, the clock to increase time, score bonuses, slow bonus and so on. Slow bonus will make the enemies move slowly.

When you play Super Crayon, it is better to start with small region first. Don’t be too greedy to make a big closed region at the beginning. You might need to evaluate the movement speed of the monsters before you make a daring movement. Once you have cleared more than 80% of the region, you are considered winning the game. In higher levels, there are more monsters around. Also, you will need to use the bonuses to help you go through the stages. So, at the beginning, try not to overuse the bonuses but to collect them first so that you can handle the difficult stages better.

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