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Street Racers
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Overview of Street Racers Game Online:
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When the sun goes down and the sky gets dark, is the perfect time for the street racers and unleash their driving madness in the bright city that never sleep. You can call them street thug, who find pleasure in illegal racing, racing competition and tournament. Or formally they are known as racer gang, called Clubs. Want to be part of the Clubs? You have to show'em what you got by winning some tournament first. Take pride of your Clubs by sending your best most competitive racer to beat the other and win a lot of prizes, money and glory for reward. Do you have what it takes to become the champions of Street Racers elimination other fierce opponents?

Street Racers i an exciting browser-based MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Real Player Game) that allow player to participate in racing against each other in single race or tournament, to win prizes and awards, and customize their own car parts. Before any racing, player would need to register an account or login with third party account like facebook, yahoo!, myspace, Windows Messenger and more.

To kick start the racing, players would need to visit the car dealer to get more sophisticated car parts on top of the default available engine and brakes. Shop wisely for you car parts with limited euros dollar available, with a few notes to pay attention:

Check the level of your current parts and cars before committing into buying any, because certain car parts are only exclusive to certain level of equivalent cars. Next, also remember to check out the car dealers and market in other locality besides Snoozville to buy more exclusive and powerful items from other city. Check frequently to see whether if there is any new shipments of part coming in from time to time to gain the first buyer advantage of those items. Finally, the most expensive items don't always provide the best performance for the racing, so do check their specific parameters before committing big buck into your items.

With your fine-tuned car with customized car parts, now you are ready to participate in the tournament matches to win some championship match. In tournament, the AI will automatically match up those players with similar level of cars to ensure fairness of competition in the game. You would need to regain your energy after some traveling or racing for energy recovery.

Start racing with your friends now in Street Racers to unleash your drifting skill and become the Ultimate Winner of the Racing !

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