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Storage Wars: The Game Review
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Storage Wars: The Game
(22 votes)
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Overview of Storage Wars: The Game Game Online:
Average Rating: (22 votes)
(5stars: 16 votes)
(4stars: 2 votes)
(3stars: 2 votes)
(2stars: 0 votes)
(1stars: 2 votes)
Welcome to Storage Wars, the high stakes game of storage unit auctions. How low can you pay to get the highest value of the unit? Is time to challenge your intellect and psychology to win the game !

Storage Wars: The Game is a free online Facebook auction game. To start playing the game, player would need to customize their avatar first. In Storage Wars: The Game, player would be awarded new cash every four hours for them to perform bidding in the game. At the beginning of the game, player would be awarded $5,000 with quarter filled energy bar.

To beat the map, player must try to beat the best Auction Boss, and will all the other auctions to unlock more maps. In each of the auctions, player would need to watch out for some valuable hidden treasures such as abstract painting, Mussolini Coin, Card Collection, and Movado Watch. Do note that every unit you win would consume space in your truck so be wise to only take those valuable items. Try to figure out the hidden $ dollar in the game to let your have additional bonus of experience point and cash money. You can try to remove those items that you won from the bidding and sell it for money.

Start playing Storage Wars: The Game now and win all those wanted treasures in the game to become the ultimate winner of bidding on Facebook for free!

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