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Spa Life Review
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Spa Life
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Overview of Spa Life Game Online:
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Want to enjoy life spending lazy weekend indulging yourself in a luxury spa? How about being the manager of your own new retail spa ? Now you can experience the life of a spa owner exclusively in Spa Life !

Spa Life is an online facebook social game that allows your to manage your spa business, ranging from Manicure Treatment, Pedicure Treatment and many more services ! Try your best to make your client happy and in return receive more extra payment from the customer. Remember not to keep your customer waiting for too long or else risking them become upset and even leaving !

As you continue to grow your spa business, you can keep expanding your station by owning more equipment (Facial station, Satin Manipedi station, Herbal Tea station), and even do some advertisement and marketing to increase the reputation and popularity of your shop ! Continue to add more style and renovation to your spa shop to attract more

Start to play Spa Life now and keep coming back to gain free bonus experience and coin !

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