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Overview of Slotomania Game Online:
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Searching everywhere trying to find a nice slot machine online game? You can try out this Slotomania Facebook game to enjoy playing with slot machine everyday!!

Slotomania is a rising popularity Facebook game. This game has plenty of different Las Vegas slot machines. You will unlock them one by one when you reach certain levels. Now you don't have to go to Las Vegas to feed your hunger in playing slot machines, you can sit at your home comfortably enjoying the Vegas styled slot machine game in Facebook by playing Slotomania!!

There are 3 different worlds or 3 rooms in total. The first room you will start your slot machine journey is the Onyx Room, then you can unlock Emerald Room, followed by Ruby Room at last. Each room will have 8 different fun and interesting slot machines for you to enjoy!! Each slot machine will require you to reach certain level in order to unlock them.

You will start off with the first slot machine named Farm Fortune. As the name indicates, this slot machine features all the farm-related items in the slots. You will be given 200 coins as the starting free coins to play the gambling game.

For each gambling slot machine, you can set your own bet. The more bet you place, the more coins you will win. The total bet will be your total betting lines times your betting for each line. You can choose how many lines you want to match (the maximum lines you can choose to match is 9 in total). The more lines you choose, the higher chance you will win.

You can learn all the winning detail for your slot machine betting by viewing the pay table. All you need to do in this game is to place your bet, and just SPIN, SPIN, and SPIN to see your luck!!

Play this slot machine Facebook game (or slot machine online game) with your friends in Slotomania Facebook!! This is definitely a casual and fun gamble where you can play it everyday or anytime when you're free!!

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