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Six Gun Galaxy Review
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Six Gun Galaxy
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Overview of Six Gun Galaxy Game Online:
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Six Gun Galaxy is a Facebook RPG game with a wild wild west cowboy setting. The story is about a breaking war between countries in the world. There are a lot of casualties and you as the hero of your town came out to restore the peace and calm the chaos. You have to equip well with powerful gears and mods in order to defeat your strong opponent in combats.

The battles or the combats are basically turn based RPG battle where you, your pet, and your enemies will perform different actions (attack, defend, etc) turn by turn.

There are 4 different characters for you to choose in the beginning of the game. You can choose your hero character as a cool girl armed with machine guns, a flexible warrior with great martial art skill, a strong guy with a powerful robotic punch, or a gunslinger equipped with guns in both hands.

Besides adventuring in the virtual cowboy world where war and combats are striking, you can build your town by constructing Houses, Blacksmith, Laundry house, apartment, cottage, as well as other decorations and landscapes.

There are plenty of equipments and gears for you to purchase as well. You can purchase weapons and gears for your head, torso, arms, and legs. You can unlock some powerful weapons and equipments when you reached certain levels.

Also, you can improve your hero character through modification. You can have your defense training to improve defense skill, combat training to improve combat skill, reticular sight to improve both skills, and other advanced training for further improvements.

Besides that, you can customize your own party and recruit your own team members. By default, you're given a pet dog as your team member. You can recruit and level up yourself or team members by using the game cash.

Another fun feature in Six Gun Galaxy Facebook game is the 3 Card Monte system. It is like some sort of lucky draw that allows you to win exclusive mods and gears.

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