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Shadow Fight
(26 votes)
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Overview of Shadow Fight Game Online:
Average Rating: (26 votes)
(5stars: 21 votes)
(4stars: 3 votes)
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(1stars: 2 votes)
Shadow Fight is a free online Facebook game developed by an experienced European game publisher Nekki, and emerged as one of the top facebook games with more than 400,000 daily active user currently. Shadow Fight features a martial arts competition fighting game with the focus of stylized silhouette aesthetic.

Players can start the game by choosing a shadow avatar, customizable to represent them in various competition. Players are able to choose their opponents for one-to-one battle from the list of their facebook friends, however the game is not held in real time. After each victory players are able to post their winning on Facebook to invite their friend coming back for rematch.

Players can play Shadow Fight in a great variety of different mode, including one-on-one un-armed battle, friendly duel, two players, tournaments, exam, boss fights, gate of shadows and more. Players tournament rating can be increased by winning a series of tournament fight, which in turn unlocks more exciting and challenging tournaments, and have their name ranked on a worldwide leaderboard.

The game control for Shadow fight is very straightforward: Control of the Left, Right, Up, Down key, and a couple of punch and kick buttons. Competing in fights of any mode will cost Energy, which is the main currency in Shadow Fight. Different mode of the games will cause different requirement of Energy, for example, Friendly Duel will require significantly more energy than Dan Examinations. There are various way to replenish the Energy level, such as waiting by time, leveling up, or by purchasing the Energy Items listed in the energy store.

Start having fun by having a few punches and kicks with your friend in this popular Martial Arts Shadow Fight Game! Show'em who is the real champion!

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