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Secret Agent X Review
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Secret Agent X
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Overview of Secret Agent X Game Online:
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Want to experience the dual life of an average civilian by day and a secret agent by night? Now you are able to travel to various exciting and exotic place around the world, executing some impossible mission and rescue the world in secret!

Secret Agent X is a free online facebook game that allows player to play the identify of an Secret Agent, solving various puzzles and mysteries with thrilling adventure. At night, player would play the efforts of SCAM (Scoundrels, Cads, and Miscreants); and at day time you would need to help your neighbour and friends with various problems and running some simple errands. Player would be able to decorate their own little house with their preferred style and customization.

In the game, player will often receive missions and tasks that force you to go undercover as you explore different areas across the globe. And as with all secret agents, you'll have a collection of high tech gadgets and equipment to help you in your quests to defeat the evil.

The twist is that in order to continue receiving missions, you'll need to maintain as "normal" a life as possible. If there's any chance that your cover has been compromised no new missions will be assigned. This should provide a nice contrast between the two distinct portions of the game.

Do you have what it takes to be the professional secret agent that help the society to crush the evil? Start playing Secret Agent X to have fun dealing with your dual identity!

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