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Pot Farm Review
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Pot Farm
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Overview of Pot Farm Game Online:
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Pot Farm is an MMO Facebook game. As its name suggests, you are going to develop and manage a farm of your own according to your preference and customization.

The Pot Farm game starts with tutorials. You can harvest your plants by clicking on them. Harvesting earns you experience and coins. Also, to earn more money, you need to reinvest your profit by buying new seeds from the stores. More expensive seeds usually generate more income, but need your patience. Plant the seeds on the empty slots. Also, you can sell your plants for profit by clicking on the stash. From time to time, you need to check out your oil press. A bottle of oil will appear when it is ready to harvest.

As you live in the farm in Pot Farm game, you need to build tent so that you can always have an eye on the plants. Use the bat guano fertilizer so that your plants grow faster. Remember that every activity you do in Pot Farm earns you experience and coin. Invite your friends to join and compete with them!

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