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Pocket God
(33 votes)
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Overview of Pocket God Game Online:
Average Rating: (33 votes)
(5stars: 25 votes)
(4stars: 4 votes)
(3stars: 3 votes)
(2stars: 1 votes)
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Pocket God is currently available in Facebook ! A fun and amusing god game like never before! Pocket God is a free online facebook social game developed by Bolt Creative, which allows player to play the role of almighty who is omnipotent and rules over an island and its inhabitant to controls basically everything. Players can now do everything they want on the island.

In the game, players are the God of the race called Pygmy and can do whatever you want with them, for instance, grab them and drop them into the sea to have the power of life and death over them. Some other god powers are giving the islanders a fishing rod, summoning a hurricane, or levitating the Pygmies.

Sacrifices of the Pygmies in the game is needed for players to proceed the storyline. However if they have depleted the devotion meter, no pygmy death will be counted as a sacrifice. When the devotion meter is on, player would gain experience for every sacrifices of pygmy. Player would be able to keep unlocking supernatural power as they progress in the game.

In the store, player can purchase and activate powers, change their idols and also try some special boosts, such as gravity which can turn the world upside down, and lightning which can zap the pygmies into dusk. On the map, player can view all island, purchase new ones, and travel between them. Completing different quest will allow player to gain experience point, level up, and awarded various exclusive items and power.

Start playing Pocket God to unleash your God Wrath!

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