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Pluto Attacks Review
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Pluto Attacks
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Overview of Pluto Attacks Game Online:
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Mad at having lost their "planet" status, the Plutonian have come to invade Earth with their super-advanced battle spaceship and tanks! Is now for you to choose a side and start the battle in Pluto Attacks!

Pluto Attacks is a free online facebook game featuring a warfare between mankind and a species of Aliens from planet Pluto, namely "Groobs", who has successfully capture majority of the cities in the world since the beginning of their six month invasion. Player would have to decide whether to join the invading alien forces, or to stay faithful defending the human earth.

Player will earn 1 skill point for every level to increase the ability of their tank in tank setting. Player would need to strategically plan to upgrade their weapon and armor which specialize in single area for them to beat the opponent in long run. Player can purchase various items to increase the ability, cool game items, decorations, tanks or heal their hp in the Item Store.

Some example of use items in Pluto Attacks that player can purchase include: Double Shot (to allow player to shoot twice in a role in one turn), HP repair, Attack increase, Auto Trajectory (automatically calculates and sets the power gauge for optimal trajectory for a turn), Shield (protect your allien from damage for single attack attempt), Guided Bomb( precision guided bombs that use bombing technology to strike a designated target with greater accuracy), Poison Bomb (decreases opponent's HP until the enermy's total HP is reduced to 30% of the original amount), Freeze bomb (freezes your opponent and rendering them unable to attack or defend for one turn), Neutralizer (neutralize any poison or freeze effect on user), Teleport Shot (warps tank to target area), Carpet Bombing (launch nine bombs at once) and other more fun abilities !

Player would be able to upgrade more of their weapons as the leveling up to unlock more exclusive and powerful weapon. Join the multiplayer game to win yourself more gems to gain more experience points. Player can tried the mini games available in the game such as Mecha Wheel Plus, Mecha Wheel, and Fusion Box to win more rewards as well.

Start playing Pluto Attacks to blast off your enemy!

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