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Pirate Corruption Review
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Pirate Corruption
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Overview of Pirate Corruption Game Online:
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If you like to watch Pirates of the Caribbean and has been a great fan of pirate adventure game, then you should try playing Pirate Corruption, one of the most advanced pirate games online with thousands of active user online awaiting for you to accept the challenge!

Pirate Corruption is a free browser-based MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game that allows player to sail the vast oceans together with their recruited crew and hunt for the priceless treasure in the deep sea. To start playing the game, all you need to do is just to register an account to log in the game and start your exciting journey in the sea of Caribbean. Customize your avatar according to your personal preference in terms of physical appearance, and start to improve your players stats by upgrading your weapons and armors. Player can purchase more special items in the score using the in-game currency.

The another important aspect of the game is the sailing vessel, which player would need to frequently travel between the different ports, thus is advisable for the player to first upgrade their ship to a better functional one to save time and money in long run, and is able to increase the cargo capacity to take more goods as well.

For trading, player would need to pay attention on the Trade Goods items which will effectively reflect the import and export priced of the good. Note that the pricing will always fluctuate according to the market condition so is up to the player to decide when would be the most optimum time to close the deal. The basic rule here in trading is always buy low in one island and sell high in another location to maximize your profit income.

In view of the growing business, Pirate Corruption offers a feature that allows player to further expand their business by setting up their own company. Player now will be taking dual responsibility - as the pirate head as well as the company director and shareholder which will oversee the vision and guide the company into prosperity. Players can use their wealth to purchase the shares of other managers to expand their influence.

Besides business, politics is another interesting part of the game, which offers 6 office for election into office. Each of the offices comes with a standard daily salary of holding the offices. Player might find their own way including bribing the electorate to win more office vote, and be corrupted to pillage the city treasury and throws criminals into the jail.

Start playing Pirate Corruption and choose your side: Are you a traditional pirate or a more modern pirate who is fearless to try everything? Time is running out and is your time to decide in Pirate Corruption!

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