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Pioneer Trail
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Overview of Pioneer Trail Game Online:
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Like to play Zynga Game such as FrontierVille, FarmVille, CityVille, FishVille, PetVille, Privacy Ville, YoVille and more! Now you can also join Pioneer Trail which provides the similar fun and thrill at Facebook !

Pioneer Trail is a free online facebook social game where players can build their home in wilderness, raise a family, and keep exploring the rich resources available in the wide, untamed wilderness with Frontier Jack by digging up the soil. Simply click on the grass to cut them, and click on the farm to reap your crops when they are harvest, feed some cute little hungry chicken, clear some obstacle rocks and skull, chop down the Oak tree to get more woods, clobber the wild snake.

Keep uncovering new tasks and missions along the games such as chopping down trees, clearing rock and grass on your homstead, prepare the harvest, build new cabin house and more. Players can purchase more items in the market such as Penny Bank, CAbin , Covered Wagon, General Store, Barn, Doctors Office, Ponderosa Lodge, School House, and Inn.

More crops and animals are also available in the market including Clover, Tomatoes, Pumpkin, Potatoes, Corn, Wheat, Goat, Chicken, Sheep, Gardener Sheep, Pig, Cow, and Goose. Try to decorate your homestead with Hay Bale, Water Trough, Fence, Barrel, Cobblestone, Farm Rake, Log Bench, Stool and more!

Start inviting your friends to play Pioneer Trail with you, and expand your journey to other places such as Gold Rush and Rattlesnake Canyon! Remember to view your collected family album, materials collections, badges, inventory and gifts in Pioneer Trail!

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