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Overview of Petiler Game Online:
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Welcome to Petiler ! As one of the largest community to have your own virtual world with virtual pets together with more than 200,000 online monthly active uses on Facebook. If you like Pet Society, you would like Petiler as well!

To enhance your gaming experience with Petiler, player can enable the local storage for you load the game faster. To start playing Petiler, you would need to select your virtual pets and customize their outer look first including eyebrows, mouth, nose, eyelid, hairstyles and more. You would need to complete various mission in Petiler to gain more experience and get level up, for example, dress your pet up with pretty clothes in the closet to earn coins and experience points; bath your pets with the heart-shaped soup; feed your hungry pets with apple; entertain your boring pets with Grooming Brush to keep your pets happy.

Player can explore the magic shop to obtain new items including the slot machines with various mini games available. Some other shop include Food Shop, Commodity Shop, Clothing Shop, Electrical Shop, Furniture shop, DIY Shop, Style Shop, Luxury Shop and more.

Player can unlock various achievements and trophy in Petiler include Socialite, Shopaholic, Generous Gifter, Charities, Party Maniac, Clean Freak, Adventurer, Whack King, Die Hard Fan, Gem Tastic, Shoes Collector, Pants Collector, Trendy Buddy, Mad Hatter and more.

In Petiler you can interact and trade items with your friends and send gifts to friends to earn more exclusive items! For more complete Petiler Facebook guide, walkthrough, and cheats hacks, check out the respective wiki section for tips and guide!

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