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Pet City
(23 votes)
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Overview of Pet City Game Online:
Average Rating: (23 votes)
(5stars: 14 votes)
(4stars: 2 votes)
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(1stars: 6 votes)
Welcome to Pet City! Currently with more than 100,000 monthly active users, is time for you to adopt your virtual pets and join the community in Pet City! Have fun playing with your pet!

Pet City is a free online facebook social game similar with Pet Society where player can personalize their avatar pet, dress them up with various decorations, and visit their friend's pet as well. To start playing the game, player would need to customize their pets appearance in terms of nose, hair, eyes, pattern, head, brows, ears, mouth, whiskers, color, and name. Player would need to constantly give loves to the pet by taking care of them with actions such as feeding them, take them for shower, playing games with them, bringing them out to visit friends and more.

For every completion of tasks and missions, player would be rewarded experience points and coins for them to further purchase more items in the shopping store such as Fashion World to purchase some trendy new clothes, Furniture Mart for more comfy furniture, House Depot for floors, walls and windows, Hair Studio for new hairstyle and accessories, Expression for a complete make over of the pet, Spooky Boo's for more Halloween spooky items, and Halloween Costumes.

In Pet City, player would be able to unlock more exclusive items as the progress in the game by leveling up when gain more experience. Do remember to check your achievement in your profile to see your award such as Juice Lower, Super Snacker, Good Neighbor, Home Builder, Toy Lover, Fruit Collector and more!

Start inviting your friend to join PetCity and don't forget to share with them your photo of cute pet on facebook ! Have fun playing PetCity!

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