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Ninja Saga
(7 votes)
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Overview of Ninja Saga Game Online:
Average Rating: (7 votes)
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Ninja Saga is a Japanese anime style MMORPG set in the story of an adolescent kid with a great enthusiasm and desire to acquire and learn the ways of the Ninja with the ultimate aim to become renowned and respected as a Kage. The are innumerable of missions to challenge, variety of ninja skills to master, tremendous enemies to conquer in different villages.

Ninja Saga applys the fun elements of RPG adventure and actions based into one, where there are more than 300 animated skills and abilites to learn, intensive training to undergo to sharpen your techniques and strengthen your ninja. There are 5 elements known in the world of Ninja Saga, each with different attributes, stats, and Jutsu. You have a chance to opt for your prefered element in the game, however, you can refer to NeoCharles in the official forum for base elements guides. Fire or Earth is recommended the best base but you can choose up to your mind.

There is also Clan Tournament allows you to fight for the honor of your clan, joinning alliance to fend off stronger opponents, and the PvP Private, Party PvP and Live PvE will be availalbe soon in the Ninja Saga. Also, the dungeons and incredible tough bosses are always waiting you in the Hunting House to defeat them.

Let's helping the kid show off his talent to acquire and discover the deepest secret of the master ninja and adopt the best skills to fight to be the best known Kage in the world of Ninja Saga.

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