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New in Town Review
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New in Town
(24 votes)
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Overview of New in Town Game Online:
Average Rating: (24 votes)
(5stars: 21 votes)
(4stars: 2 votes)
(3stars: 0 votes)
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New in Town is another fun and popular game developed by Digital Chocolate offering the genres of social game with real time 2D graphics. Inspired by the popular movie, you would start your journey as a fresh high school graduate and venture into the exciting working society!

Player would have the opportunity to explore various exciting career in the city, by customizing their character, making a lot of new online friends, and start to build their career by purchasing house property and cars. Player would even have the chance to meet their lovers and develop their own town to the next level!

Explore the vast opportunity in New In Town now and invite your friend to join the fun! Remember the sky is the limit! Everything that you do in the town would require the expense of time, thus you would need to leverage your limited time to achieve the maximum results. If you run out of time, you would start your journey again in your apartment.

Traveling around would need you to spend the credit of your time. To speed up the process, you can choose to purchase a vehicle to help you travel around faster. You would be able to save 50 time unit using bike instead of on foot. Player also need to maintain their happiness level in the game by trying to balance off their leisure and working time. Some action like eating, shopping, and playing with pets would increase your happiness meter, while working would decrease it.

Play New In Town now to make more new friends on facebook with more game tips, cheats and walkthrough!

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