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Overview of myFarm Game Online:
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Wish to own your own farming, planting and cultivating various types of plantation? Want to raise and feed the cuties pets and animals everyday and any time you want? Here you go. myFarm is the MMO Facebook farming game where you can create your own virtual farm, developing and managing in any way you want.

In myFarm game, you can customize your farm according to your preference. There is no limitation on how you want to design your farm. You can choose to plant the crops at the left bottom, while raising and feeding your animals at the right top of the map. The game begins with some basic tutorials for your better understanding on how to master the skills of cropping, raising animals and buying stuffs from the stores. Make sure you follow the instructions.

Every activity you do in myFarm game contributes to your experience and gold. You can expand your farm once you reach enough level and own enough money. Join the myFarm with your friends to coordinate and cooperate with them to complete more missions to earn more money!

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