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My Mad Millions Review
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My Mad Millions
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Overview of My Mad Millions Game Online:
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My Mad Millions is coming back on Facebook with more excitement and challenges of spending money ! Think earning money is hard and spending money is easy? Think again! In My Mad Millions, this game is going to challenge your using the shortest period of time to spend away all your money without owning assets.

In My Mad Millions, player would be started off with billions of money, of course is the virtual money, for player to spend by purchasing what ever they wanted in the game. In this game, player would be able to be permanent parts of My Mad Millions only by getting 50 people to support them. There are certain rules that players must abide in order to win the game by earning a high rank in the leaderboard.

In order to spend as much money as possible in My Mad Millions, player would need to invite more friends to join the game, with each time a member joined player can spend $50 thousands immediately in addition to the daily payment to the members. To further reduce your money, hire them by assigning random job to them. Try not to buy anything valuable in the game because this will be counted as your asset, but instead, rent everything that you own so that in long run you are spending more.

When players are engaged in spending spree, do pay attention to select the most expensive item to purchase by using a minimum amount of energy. Those energy are limited as will be consumed every time player make any purchase or payment, and will be recovered on daily basis. So player would need to increase their maximum energy in the game play to optimize the spending ability.

Start spending money to make money now in My Mad Millions today with millions of other online user now!

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