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My Country
(20 votes)
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Overview of My Country Game Online:
Average Rating: (20 votes)
(5stars: 13 votes)
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Welcome to My Country! With more than 400,000 monthly active user, player can now produce and build their own toys at factories, customize their own transportation network, sky scrappers and business online. Play this game for free now on Facebook !

Before starting the game, player would be guided through a simple tutorial with starting capital of $650,000 to develop their country. Choose your head office of either municipal building(emphasis on public works where player can improve their new construction and improvement with faster completion time) or corporate HQ (focus on public relations where residential building can hold an extra resident).

Player would need to start building and develop their country by constructing a taxi cab company, as one of the industrial type building to collect profit when they are completed. Construction progresses in several steps where player can speed up the process by clicking on the clock items.

Continue to grow your population and attract more people visiting your country to turn it into economically super power that earn a lot of money!

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