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Overview of Monstermind Game Online:
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Monstermind is an MMO Facebook monster game. The objective of the game is to build a strong base defending from the invasion of monsters sent by your friends or NPCs. Apart from that, you are able to send monsters to your friends’ base, taking them by surprise.

The Monstermind starts with some simple tutorials including building, defending, repairing and attacking with some clicks. The important goal of the Monstermind game is that, you need to build up a large and functioning city with increasing population. Then, you have to build concrete walls and defensive buildings to minimize the destruction from the monster. There are various zombies such as giant apes, monster birds and so on. More destructive zombies are unlocked when you reach higher level.

If your base is attacked by the Monsters in Monstermind, you need to repair them so that they are able to operate normally. The gameplay is straightaway as you just need to click on the damaged buildings.
Invite your friends and join this Monstermind game to explore more fun in it!

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