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Monopoly Millionaires Review
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Monopoly Millionaires
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Overview of Monopoly Millionaires Game Online:
Average Rating: (10 votes)
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Do you like to play Monopoly? Now you don't have to struggle finding players for your monopoly board game, you can now play Monopoly online with your friends at Facebook!!

Facebook Monopoly Millionaires game is a popular online monopoly game where you can play with your Facebook friends online without having monopoly board. The gameplay in Monopoly Millionaires is slightly different from the one you used to play. To play monopoly online, you have to build houses on your own board and get money by collecting rent. You will get additional money when your friends visit your land.

Besides building your own monopoly board empire, you can visit your friend's monopoly board as well. You can roll dice just like you're playing the monopoly you used to play when visiting friends, the difference is just that you're rolling dice and playing alone. Your dice is limited, and each dice roll will give you various different rewards based on the place you land. You can get extra monopoly money, choose and open community chest, get different property cards to upgrade your house, get the random unknown chance card, and so on.

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