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Miscrits of Volcano Island Review
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Miscrits of Volcano Island
(17 votes)
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Overview of Miscrits of Volcano Island Game Online:
Average Rating: (17 votes)
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Welcome to Miscrits of Volcano Island, a mystical Volcano Island where player can embark their exciting journey seeking for magical creatures called Miscrits. The game play is pretty similar to Digimon Master, where player can recruit more of their creatures, train them, grow their ability and evolve them, and use the creatures ability to fight against other evil creatures to restore the peaceful world of Miscria.

To start playing Miscrits of Volcano Island, player would need to first select their character customizing their own appearance, outfit, hair and skin. Player would be presented a short tutorial, where first you need to go and get your first Miscrits, your magical creatures that can protect the village.

Before capturing another Miscrits, player would need to engage in another battle to defeat the Miscrits first. By lowering the health of the Miscrits with attacks, you would have a higher chance of capturing it. Your Miscrits would earn experience points each time you won the battle, and able to proceed to train them to become more powerful. Player can check their player rank in the panel to change their appearance and view their progress. Check out your Jungle Guard to customize training for your Miscrits.

Join Miscrits of Volcano Island by adding more friends forming a great team in your adventure uncovering the secret of Miscrits of Volcano Island, and check out more useful guide and strategy to speed up your Miscrits leveling up process now on Facebook!

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