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Overview of MilMo Game Online:
Average Rating: (8 votes)
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MilMo MMORPG is a 3D action RPG game with plenty of adventures for you to experience. You can play MilMo MMO in facebook or at using just your browser. This is one of the amazing 3D online game without any download needed. You just have to install the 3D unity player and play MilMo online.

To start the game, just have your MilMo login through facebook or by registering a new account. You can fully customize your own cartoon character in the way you want to start off the game.

MilMo online game is fun and full of exploration. You can explore around the MilMo world by walking, running, jumping, or swimming. Also, you will receive quest and mission to dig around for valuable treasures and to catch butterflies or bunnies using your net.

The charming and fully animated character is active and lively and they're fully under your control. You will be caught in the virtual world of MilMo with beautiful scenes. Play around and adventure with your friends together to share the joy and fun of traveling and completing quests.

Some interesting features in MilMo online game include the various special abilities and hundreds of medals and quests. You can explore the island, enjoy the scenery, fight monsters, dig treasures, capture animals and insects, etc.

Another attracting part in MilMo game is the avatar dress up. Besides customizing your own 3D avatar, you can obtain and change your cloth, your hair, your sword, your weapon, and other customizable stuffs. Show off to all other players your cool and fashionable dress up!!

MilMo is certainly one of the best social game where you can play and have fun with your friends online. You can fight monsters, catch creatures and enjoy the great adventure around the island together with your friends.

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