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Mighty Pirates
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Overview of Mighty Pirates Game Online:
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Mighty Pirates is a Facebook game developed by CrowdStar where you can be a pirate on Facebook together with your friends. The mission of Mighty Pirates Facebook game is to become the mightiest and best pirate among all the pirates on the seas.

So, what is the key to become the Mightiest Pirate since there are so many pirates in Mighty Pirates game online? The key is to use the treasure map and find all the treasures and jewellery hidden at the secret treasure kingdom. In order to do so, you must ready to adventure and explore lots of places, seas, and island, fight with other pirates, and to be brave and smart in the adventure.

Mighty Pirates online game is like a RPG game where you can level up your character or hero or pirate by doing activities on island or involve yourself in battle. There are 2 main energy which you will need to know, island energy and battle energy. Every activity on island require you to use certain amount of island energy and every battle action will consume your battle energy. These 2 energy will recover over time even if you are offline.

As you level up your pirate in Mighty Pirates Facebook game, you can spend your attribute points on your stats which are damage, defense or accuracy. As the treasure maps are scattered everywhere on different island, you need to explore each of the island to find all the missing pieces for the treasure map before you can successfully locate the treasure position.

Be a pirate on Facebook now and invite your friends to join you on this adventurous Might Pirates game online!

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