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Mahjongg Dimensions Blast Review
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Mahjongg Dimensions Blast
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Overview of Mahjongg Dimensions Blast Game Online:
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Mahjong Dimensions Blast is an MMO Facebook matching game. in the game, you are going to do matching of adjacent mahjong tiles in 60 seconds. The faster you clear the tiles, the higher score you gain.

In the Mahjong Dimensions Blast, you can actually use left and right arrow keys on the keyboard to rotate the puzzle. After every game, you will earn experience. When you have level up, you will be able to unlock more bonuses.

In the Mahjong Dimensions, you will get bonus points for matching more images in a row. When you see one of the tiles glow blue, try your best to match the tile as soon as possible before it disappears. It is because you will get multiplier bonus. This multiplying effect will show its powerful effect at the end of each round. So, spot the blue tile meticulously!

Also, in the Mahjong Dimensions Blast, you will activate a point multipler if you make a match within seconds. The longer you keep the chain, the higher your score is.

Furthemore, every time your blast chain reaches a multiple of 15, you will be able to obtain a awesome Blast Mode. It can explode nearby tiles and clear the tiles as fast as possible!

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