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Mahjong Saga
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Overview of Mahjong Saga Game Online:
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Mahjong Saga is an MMO Facebook Mahjong puzzle game. In the game, there are a number of Mahjong puzzles for you to solve throughout a wonderful journey. It is both challenging and entertaining. By solving the challenges in the islands of the Mahjong Masters, you can help them restore the balance on the land.

The game of Mahjong Saga is about matching the tiles. The tiles pattern and shapes are those in the Mahjong game. If you play Mahjong game in reality before, it would be an extra advantage as you will be more familiar with the patterns on the tiles.

The faster you finish the matching puzzles in Mahjong Saga, the higher scores you will gain. So, be more vigilant as the difficulties of the stages increase. Invite your friends to join the game and compete with them to achieve the highest score in the leaderboard.

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