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Magic Land Review
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Magic Land
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Overview of Magic Land Game Online:
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Ever wanted to build your own Magic Land ? Now you can fulfill your dream in Magic Land! Is all possible in Magic Land for you to fight fire-breathing dragons, shake magic beanstalks and discover your own royal family in this epic adventure.

Magic Land is a free online facebook social game developed by Wooga that allows player to manage their own Magical Kingdom. Player would need to build their kingdom with stronger army in order to save the prince and princess captured by the evil dragon.

To start the game, player would need to purchase some houses as a base which will product gold revenue for them as income. There are quests that player would need to complete, such as building houses for the villagers and supply food to them. Do remember to connect each house to a road to be able to supply food to them. Player would also need to guard their land from being invaded by monsters.

In the shop of Magic Land, there are a great variety of items that play can purchase such as Houses, Farming, Decorations, Energy, and other Specials item.
Player can select from the list of houses including Peasant House, Villager House, Lady House, Knight House, Jester House, Fairy House, Crazy Hog's Pub, Wedding Chappel, Straight A School House, Horse stable, Shoe House, Open Air Theatre, Dwarf's House, Bakery, Unicorn Stable, Gingerbread House, Silver Mine, Royal Summer House, Artist Studio, Medieval University, Tailor Shop, Gold Mine, Bath House, Observatory, and more.

To make your beautiful land more lovely, player can purchase for more decorations items such as Basic Road, Rose, Hay bale, Daisy, Dalia, Sunflower, Windmill, Fairy Lamp, Scarecrow, Magical Windmill, Well, Rock Fountain, Watchtower, Pond, Well of Youth, Magical Pond, Gold Fountain, Statue and more!

Start to explore more of your Magical Land, completing quests, earn more experience points and coins to further unlock more exclusive items in Magical Land. Invite your friend to join Magical Land now!

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