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Mafia Warfare
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Overview of Mafia Warfare Game Online:
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Like to play become a Mafia Head managing your own gang? Welcome to Mafia Warfare! A free online social facebook game where you will be started off as a military in Bronx and slowly progress through rank promotion and eventually growing your business and become the biggest crime head in New York City.

In Mafia Warfare, player would need to perform a list of quests to complete various sophisticated mission, and would be rewarded experience point and progressively gain more level up. As you defeat more opponents, you will gain more access to power cards that will eventually lead you to become the head of the Mafia World.

Before playing the game, player would be presented a brief tutorials for the basics of the game and create their first deck. Player would also be able to participate in Survival Battles and the winner would get achievements and prizes reward.

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