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Little Space Heroes Review
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Little Space Heroes
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Overview of Little Space Heroes Game Online:
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Little Space Heroes is free online browser game currently still in beta testing stage to allow beta players to test the game for any bugs. Little Space Heroes is particularly designed for kids with the age between 8-12 for family leisure purpose.

In this game, players would be able to have online interaction with other players, and participate in a lot of online multiplayer fun game which they can create their personalized avatar and explore the mystery of the galaxy. In this family friendly game player would be able to explore various exciting adventure and other cool and fun games with their friends.

Little Space Heroes provide a good learning and gaming platform for kids to unravel the interesting fact about the universe and galaxy, meanwhile to learn various fun spacecraft such as Jet Pack, Bubble Blaster, and Star Jet at a training place call Space Hero Academy. A lot of free customization is available for kids to personalize their characters, and even to adopt a virtual pet called Glow.

Kids now can have fun hanging out with their friend in team to become the hero that the dreamed of and have fun taking part in various adventurous missions and tasks!

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