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Little Ninja SEA
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Overview of Little Ninja SEA Game Online:
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Be a ninja and join the fun in Little Ninja SEA and embrace the whole new fighting experience in this MMORPG by Gambunny Global. You will definitely be fascinated by the fighting style.

In the game, you are a ninja/ Shinobi and you have to perform missions to triumph over evil forces. Protect Angel City from the evil threat from the Demon City. Besides the cities, there are 5 villages: Fire Village, Water Village, EarthVillage, Thunder Village, and Wind Village. There are also myriad buildings with different functions: hall, arena, merchant shop, armory, slave hut, bounty quest and pet kennel.

There are quite a number of unique features in this game. One of it is Synthesis. It challenges your curiosity and creativity. You can combine the items and get unexpected result from the combination. You will mix the main item with some catalysts to synthesize a new item. You will need a certain number of stones for the process. Explore around the map for surprises. You have your exploration gauge and level. Upgrade your level and you can get better rewards. There are also countless anime cloths for you to customize to create your one and only character. There are also numerous skills that you can learn: Fire Release, Water Release, Earth Release, Wind Release, Thunder Release, Vitality, Seal, Ninja item, Illusion, Healing. Each of them contains five primary skills. Learn and focus on the skill that you prefer. Specialize in it to improve and get unbeatable. You can choose to focus on attack, defense, counter attacks etc. Also, you can join the World Tournament to compete against other heroes and win the championship. What is more, you can join National League. Yet, the selection is automatically done by the system according to the rank requirement. Player will attend C-rank, B-rank, A-rank, or S-rank league according to accumulated score. After winning S-rank league, you can go for W-rank.

You can also raise pet as well in the game. Pets to be raised include Vulture Fledgling, Bloodbat Fledgling, Stinger Bee Fledgling, Maneater Blossom Fledgling, Treant Fledgling, Sunflower Fledgling, Sweet Potato Demon Fledgling, Corn Demon Fledgling, Bun Monster Fledgling, Sushi Monster Fledgling, Riceball Monster Fledgling, Frostbore Dragonling, Toadling, Akamaru Young, Souling, and Lily Young. You can also capture pets. You aim is to let them learn the pet skills.

You can get slaves as well. Catch your slave and the countdown will start, The slaves will be set free after the time runs out but you will get external experience

There are many more that you can try in the game like smashing the jars: Elementary Colored Jar, Junior Colored Jar, Senior Colored Jar, College Colored Jar, Master Colored Jar, Headteacher Colored Jar, Discipline Master Colored Jar,and Principal Colored Jar. Claim you reward especially the rare items!

Main fun of this game is still the battle using your body skills and chakra. You can save the time for training too because this game allows auto-combat in the Hall. Enjoy the anime-based game now! The cute tiny sized ninja fight is fantastic. Don’t miss it!

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