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Light of Nova Review
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Light of Nova
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Overview of Light of Nova Game Online:
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Light of Nova is a free-to-play browser-based MMORTS (massively multiplayer online real time strategy) game which allow player to build and grow their outer space galaxy planets with their army and troops.

In Light of Nova, you can see 4 different forces: Orion Arm, Sagittarius Arm, Perseus Arm, Cygnus Arm. There are also plenty of technologies in Light of Nova such as Basic Engineering, Advanced Engineering, Crystal Gathering, Fuel Gathering, Docking, Transportation, and more.

Light of Nova offers various type of Facilities including Crystal Refinery, Fuel Refinery, Metal Refinery, Power plant, Warehouse Module, Light Manufacturing Module, Shipyard, Research center, Control center, Transportation Port and more. Each of the facilities will be functional to produce different resources in the game play in Light of Nova, including energy, metal, fuel, money, flagships, technology and more.

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