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Overview of Lagoonia Game Online:
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Like the story of Robinson Crusoe and Cast Away? Now you can experience the fun of playing Lagoonia, developed by InnoGames with their brand new free online browser based game featuring a theme of life of a survivor on a remote island.

In this game, player are able to participate and involve in multiple relationships control and perform actions up to 15 inhabitants to create their unique personalized island paradise. The game developer put a lot of focus on the social interaction between players on top of the relationship between characters, making the game storyline more exciting with more variability.

The story starts with a lucky survivor of a plane crash found himself stuck in a remote South Sea island, and how he intelligently utilize the natural resources to sustain his life such as fishing, farming, harvesting, and construct building and various tools. Soon he discovered a bottle with message within washes ashore from another female survivor, whom he seek after and build the family together in this island.

In this game, player can role play the islanders to communicate, chat, flirt, comfort, fight, quarrel and many other more action with each other. In expansion of the game, players can even visit the island of other players to build relationship with them.

With more than 65 million registered players globally, the world's leading providers of online games Innogames will launch their German Language Close Beta of Lagoonia very soon. Start joining the community and start your adventure!

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