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King of Kungfu
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Overview of King of Kungfu Game Online:
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King of Kungfu Guide is an MMO Facebook game. The game is about engaging battles with other players to gain the fame and glory by defeating all the other players, standing out to become the strongest warrior.

Here is a simple list of guides on how to complete the quest of King of Kungfu in a shorter time. First, you are asked to pick any opponent you want in the First Fight. No worry, no matter you win or lose in it, you are still able to complete this quest. Then, get some Rest so that you can claim the rewards. Remember to open your rewards claimed (for example, the treasure chest). Then, join the King of Kungfu CUP. King of Kungfu Cup is the ultimate tournament for all fighters. You can join it and compete with your friends for honor and fame. When you own more than 30 Honors, you can adopt pets. It can be done easily by going to the shop and to buy the cheapest pet (for example, Racoon-rad).

In King of Kungfu, you can hire assistants to help you. Invite more friends to join and make them become your buddies. After completing these quests, you are considered finishing all the quests.

In the fights or combats in King of Kungfu, you are reminded of the following hints:
First, less experience is obtained when you challenge someone with 5 + levels lower than you. Each time you level up, you are rewarded a new weapon or skill. In the fights, you can buy more powerful items to increase your chance of your winning.

Join King of Kungfu to explore more funs in it!

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