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K.O. Champs
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Overview of K.O. Champs Game Online:
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Want to become the greatest fighter in the world and win various championship title? Now you can have a foretaste of being a fighting champ in K.O. Champs! Fight now with thousands of active online users and prove that you are the real master!

K.O. Champs is a free online browser-based boxing game where player can train and promote their boxer to become the world's heavyweight champion. The main goal of the game is to train and develop your own rookie boxer into the greatest fighting champion who fights and sting like a bee. Player would need to win as many matches as possible to accumulate more experience point, cash point and unlock more fighting matches, greater opponents, and further upgrade the statistics of the players.

As player proceed in the game, they would learn many new skills and ability to better fight with other players. Starting from level 1, player would receive a rookie boxer called Baby Face which they need to eventually train them to reach level 9 using their management skill and other game upgrades. Remember to defeat your opponent as soon as possible using variety of combinations and style that caught them unguarded. As a title contender, player would receive more and more challenges and invitation to fight in world class championship match to eventually qualified for the world cup which take place every 2 weeks.

Start your fight in K.O. Champs and defeat your enemy without mercy unleashing your powerful killer uppercut into their head!

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